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General Breed Facts

Lagotto Romagnolos have large round eyes in any shade color ranging from dark yellow to dark brown. The wooly coat is very thick and curly. Solid colors include off-white, white, or brown. They can also be found white with brown or orange patches or roan. They are hypoallergenic, so make good companions for those who have little tolerance for pet dander and excessive pet hair in the home.

Lagotto Size
– Height: 43-48 cms (17-l9 inches)
– Weight: 13-16 kgs (29-35lbs)
– Height: 41-46 cms (16-l8 inches).
– Weight: 1 1-l4kgs (24-32 lbs).

Lagotti live roughly 16 years. Some health issues are:
– Benign Familial Juvenile Epilepsy (BFJE)
– Hip Dysplasia

The Rebirth of the Traditional Lagotto

In the 1970s, a group of Romagnesi breeders, veterinarians, and dog lovers decided to rescue Romagna’s only indigenous breed. Since then, they have spent more than 20 years educating and advising Lagotto owners, and painstakingly recording morphological details of hundreds of Lagotti.

Because of their efforts, the breed has been returned to its traditional form, with an emphasis on their new role as truffle hunters AND excellent water retreivers.

In 1991 the Lagotto received Italian Kennel Club official recognition, and FCI recognition shortly afterwards. The 1990s also saw the breed expand into other countries such as Sweden, the UK, France, and Germany. They have also continued their existence in Switzerland, and now in growing numbers in North America.

While they are shown in Europe and Great Britain in the Gun Dog group, they will eventually compete in the Sporting Group of the American Kennel Club. The usefulness of this intelligent breed with a devotion to its owner, and its great nose is now being recognized in the truffle growing areas of North America. Those areas include areas in Tennessee and surrounding states and also in the Pacific NorthWest. There is an annual truffle festival in Eugene Oregon in late January.

With many of these new countries devoid of real truffles, the original water retrieving qualities have resurfaced as the main function of the breed – a direction endorsed by the Italian Breed Club, as it brings the reestablishment of the breed back full circle.

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