Hello! We live in central Arizona; a mile high in the mountains. We love our beautiful dogs: Lagotto Romagnolo are sometimes known as Romagna Water Dogs, Italian Water Dogs or Italian Truffle Dogs. You are welcome to contact us if you would like to know more about the breed. Read all my pages about my wonderful Lagotti!

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I am an exhibitor breeder who has an occasional litter from my DNA and health confirmed dogs.  Following is an example of the standard of excellence we ascribe to in our breeding program:

icon_youtube Video: Click picture below to watch a brief neuro-stimulation video starring one of our beautiful puppies!

We have a Lagotto Boutique. We have designed a custom cookie-cutter to make Lagotto-shaped cookies and they will be available for sale. We are taking orders and you can contact us for pricing, shipping and other information. Below are samples of the cookie-cutter, hand made soaps, ornaments and magnets.

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We love to hear your comments and stories, so please contact us! Thank you so much for sharing; it’s great to connect with other who share a passion for Lagotto Romagnolo.

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