About Shivaree Wheaten Terriers and Lagotto Romagnolo (est. 1993)

In 2005, my husband and I started research on the Lagotto breed. Having owned, shown and bred Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers since 1993, we were interested in another breed that was medium sized with minimal shedding. After about a year of study, we investigated various breeders around the world, studied photos on the internet, as well as pedigrees. In 2005, we finally decided upon Kan Trace Kennels in Croatia and requested a show quality bitch from their next litter.

Adrina arrived at 8 weeks of age via cargo at Los Angeles airport (too hot for live cargo in Phoenix in May) in a crate with her litter sister, Augi who also lives in Arizona. Since that day we have been in love with the Lagotto.

Our second Lagotto, Merlino, is now living in Tucson with a great family and is their special dog.

We traveled to Italy in Fall 2007 and brought Vando home with us. At only 3 months old, Vando rode in a little soft carry-on crate on that long flight from Italy to Arizona and never cried out or mussed his crate. He only had a potty-break in Atlanta, Georgia stop over. He is a lovable and sweet little guy who gets along with the rest of our dogs who accepted him right away.

In January of 2010, I flew to Italy to pick up Ginevra. In the 36 hour stay, we ate some fabulous food, went truffle hunting and did some shopping.

One of the puppies from Ginna’s second litter stayed with us and you can see her on Pesca’s page. In our 20 years of exhibiting and breeding dogs, Pesca is the first home bred dog that we have kept. She is a special girl with a special personality.  Photo is of my husband John among the hoodoos in Utah.  We love to travel and we have a small motor home specially equipped for the dogs to go with in style and safety.

Giuditta came to us in late summer of 2015 and is the granddaughter of our boy Vando.  She is a funny and happy girl. Once we have completed her health and DNA tests we will consider breeding her late 2017.  Check out her page!


Ori (Shivaree Regina di Cuori or Queen of Hearts) is the next generation in our breeding program.  We have combined the rustic Italian dog with dogs that have wonderful temperaments to create the best family pets.  We want to preserve the rustic dog that can do the work they were bred to do, with the loving family pet.  Our puppies have proven to be good retrievers, while ready to do the bidding of their respectful family. Check out her page for more information.

The founding of Lagotto Romagnolo Club of America

At the beginning of 2007, several Lagotto owners decided to get together to form a national breed club; Lagotto Club of America. The (now named to satisfy the AKC) Lagotto Romagnolo Club of America’s mission is to preserve and protect this wonderful breed in the USA. We began taking memberships early in 2007 and hope that everyone who has a Lagotto or hopes to have one will join us. Judith is the Founding President of LCA and served as Past President, Membership Chair and on the Health Committee and Awards Committee. Judith designed the original club logo which was changed when the AKC accepted Lagotto Romagnolo Club of America as the official parent club for the breed.. She is the past editor of the club newsletter, Bollettino. She also serves on the Judges Education Committee and is the club President in 2017. You can visit the LRCA here.

More About Us

We have also owned, shown and bred Champion Soft Coated Wheatens Terriers since 1993 and our registration name for both Wheatens and Lagotti is Shivaree. Shivaree means “noisy celebration” which describes our dogs quite well. Our last Wheaten (above), AKC Champion Andover Felicity CGC, “Lissi” used to detest water and even being near water. After living her last few years with water dogs, she joined in daily dips in the kiddy pool in the dog run. This photo of Lissi was taken when she still hated the water. I was building our water garden and she walked all the way around the edge of the pond to come over to say hi and give me a kiss. Lissi passed at age 13 in Spring 2011.

To learn more about Wheaten Terriers, please visit the national club website.

Updated July 17, 2017