4 puppies at 8.5 weeks

(Note:  This photo is from 2016.  The brown puppy is my Ori.  Check out her page!)

This time I was able to get all 4 puppies at one time.  We have a board across the gate to the dog run because they all run out if we open the gate.  This way we can keep the pups in, the adult dogs can jump over, and we can open the gate without having to chase 4 puppies running amok.

Pesca has a CHIC number!

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) has included the Lagotto breed in their CHIC registry.  To qualify for a CHIC number, we must complete several DNA tests, have hips scored, eye tested and knees rated.  While it doesn’t guarantee good scores, it gives the puppy buyer the opportunity to make sure the breeder has conducted the tests, and a way to check on those results.  Here is a copy of Pesca’s certificate of CHIC Number:



Ori is “queen of hearts”

Shivaree Regina di Cuore means queen of hearts in Italian.  Shivaree is my registration name for my puppies and the rest is Italian.  We call her Ori and she is now 18 weeks.  She weighs 21 pounds, so will likely be a big girl.  She is almost as tall as my other girls, who are mostly middle to small in breed standard size.  She got her first haircut last week so here are a couple photos.



Escape Artist

So we had to retire our X-pen when Ori was able to leap over the edge.  I have had a puppy who could climb over a pen, but Ori was just leaping high enough to grab hold of the top edge and pull herself over.  This was an omen of things to come, as we have found her out in our front yard, meaning she has jumped over the edge of our porch.  So now we install more wire!xoriescapeartist

Now there will be two!

Here is Trufas after his bath.  Getting ready to meet his new family!

Two boys have gone to their new homes.  Ezra (black collar boy) heads south to join a 5 1/2 year old boy.  Big sister picked him up to take him home in the valley.  He is named after Star Wars character.

Our black collar boy is now Ezra
Our black collar boy is now Ezra










Our red collar boy will live in Rimrock.  He will join 2 Berger Picards in his new home.  His new name is Trufas (Portuguese for truffle)

Our red collar boy is now Trufas
Our red collar boy is now Trufas